Jairo Maldonado

Robotics PhD Student at Georgia Tech


Hi! My name is Jairo; I’m currently a PhD student in the Robotics department at the Georgia Institute for Technology. I’m advised by Aaron Young. My research has been in human intent recognition and robotics, and my work has focused on harnessing the power of deep learning models to improve lower-limb prosthetic control.

Before coming to Georgia Tech, I did my undergrad at CSU Long Beach mechanical engineering. I completed a number of robotics-focused internships at the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, NASA JPL, MIT, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

In my free time, I like to play soccer.


  1. User- and Speed-Independent Slope Estimation for Lower-Extremity Wearable Robots (Open-source Dataset)
    J. Maldonado-Contreras, K. Bhakta, J. Camargo, P. Kunapuli, and A. J. Young
    Annals of Biomedical Engineering (ABME), 2023
  2. Adaptive Lower-Limb Prosthetic Control: Towards Personalized Intent Recognition & Context Estimation
    C. Johnson, J. Cho, S. Chaluvadi, J. Maldonado-Contreras, and A. J. Young
    Journal of Medical Robotics Research (JMRR), 2023
  3. Nebula: Quest for robotic autonomy in challenging environments; team costar at the darpa subterranean challenge
    A. Agha, K. Otsu, B. Morrell, …, J. Maldonado-Contreras, …, and J. Burdick
    arXiv, 2021
  4. Proprioceptive Improvements of Lower-Limb Amputees under Training with a Vibrotactile Device - A Pilot Study
    J. Maldonado-Contreras, P. Marayong, I.H. Khoo, R. Rivera, B. Ruhe, and W. Wu
    IEEE Health Care Innovations and Point of Care Technologies Conference (HI-POCT), 2017
  5. Multi-Context, User-Independent, Real-Time Intent Recognition for Powered Lower-Limb Prostheses
    K. Bhakta, J. Maldonado-Contreras, and A. J. Young
    Under Review
  6. Accelerating Constrained Real-Time Continual Learning with Dynamic Active Learning
    C. Johnson, J. Maldonado-Contreras, and A. J. Young
    Under Review
  7. Real-time Continual Learning in Prosthetic Control for Personalized Context Estimation
    J. Maldonado-Contreras, S. Zhou, H. Kim, C. Johnson, J. Miller, and A. J. Young
    In Progress

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